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About the conference

About the conference

Conference Themes and Sub Themes

1. Dryland Production Systems: Improving the Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers

  • 1.1 Dynamics of smallholder livelihood systems and levers of sustainability
  • 1.2 Dryland agriculture for sustainable and inclusive development and world peace
  • 1.3. Lock-ins, trade-offs and opportunities for rural livelihoods across dryland agri-food system

2. Seed Systems: Elevating Public Private Partnerships in Asia and Africa

  • 2.1 Scaling the adoption of new seeds through strategic partnerships, capacity building and policy reform
  • 2.2 Strengthening formal and informal seed systems to create new distribution pathways for sustainable delivery
  • 2.3 Strengthened product testing and seed delivery networks for rapid variety replacement

3. Regenerative / Natural Farming Systems for Drylands

  • 3.1 Scope of regenerative (sustainable) dryland farming methods and standards
  • 3.2 Economic analysis of regenerative (sustainable) dryland farming versus conventional/other farming methods
  • 3.3 Safety, environmental and sustainability of regenerative (sustainable) dryland farming

4. Managing Dryland Soil Health and Water Resources

  • 4.1 Managing soil health for sustainable agriculture in dryland areas
  • 4.2 Landscape-based resource conservation: Linking land, water, agriculture and rural livelihoods
  • 4.3 Land use planning and management under changing soil and water scenario

5. Strengthening Nutri – Sensitive Food Systems for the Drylands

  • 5.1 Strategies to address global agriculture for nutrition challenges
  • 5.2 Mainstreaming agriculture for nutrition: understanding the drivers, interactions among different components of food systems and role of stakeholders (Industry, MSME, etc.)
  • 5.3 Leveraging science and technology to strengthen inclusive nutrition-sensitive food systems: challenges and opportunities

6. Improving Productivity, Climate Resilience and Nutrition in Drylands – Technologies and Approaches

  • 6.1 Genetic enhancement for productivity, climate resilience and nutritional quality
  • 6.2 Cutting-edge genomic and gene-editing tools
  • 6.3 Digital agriculture – technologies and platforms

7. Inclusive Demand Driven Value Chains for the Drylands

  • 7.1 Digitalization and disruptive innovations that build transparency, feedback loops and demand into the last mile
  • 7.2 Enabling policy and institutional environments that protect and promote inclusive and sustainable value chains
  • 7.3 Small is the big picture: predicting consumer trends, behaviours and financial levers for local agro-industrialization in relevance to MSMEs & food processing industry

8. Integrating Gender Youth and Social Inclusion in Dryland Agri-Food Systems

  • 8.1 Advancing gender equity and social inclusion in food systems transformation
  • 8.2 Making agricultural technology development more gender-sensitive and socially inclusive
  • 8.3 Strengthening gender equity and social inclusion transformative capacity

Celebrating 50 Years of Scientific Innovation and Impact

ICRISAT is holding an international conference “Innovations to Transform Drylands” from 21-23 February 2023 at its headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The conference will bring together global experts from research, academia, industry, MSMEs, Food processing startups, policymakers and NGOs to coalesce new and innovative approaches and scientific innovations to capitalise on opportunities while addressing the challenges inherent in the drylands.

Why the Drylands?

Drylands cover about 41% of the earth’s land surface and are inhabited by more than 2 billion people who rank among the poorest of the poor globally. Poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition, frequent drought, and environmental degradation are widespread features of the drylands and adversely impact those who live there. About 60% of the total arable land in South Asia is classified as dryland, while the corresponding figure for sub-Saharan Africa is around 70%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the challenges inherent in these regions and has disrupted global efforts to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which envisions addressing food and agriculture security, livelihoods and the management of natural resources among other SDGs.

This urgent situation calls for sustainable efforts to transform dryland agriculture and with it the livelihoods of millions through new frameworks of cooperation, partnerships and innovations. This year ICRISAT is celebrating its golden jubilee. For fifty years ICRISAT has been a global leader in agricultural science which has positively impacted millions of people who call the drylands home.

Our 50th anniversary was inaugurated by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, in presence of Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, and other dignitaries in early February 2022. ICRISAT with its five decades of scientific legacy and impact is well positioned to significantly deliver tomorrow’s solutions, today. We invite you to join us on our journey for the next fifty years.

These sponsorship packages are designed to provide opportunities for sponsors to:

 Demonstrate support for agriculture and crop production

  • Strengthening value chains, promote, food processing and food safety, mainstreaming nutrition and ensure food security
  • Helps promote sponsor’s brand and related products and technologies
  • Meet and interact with International experts
  • Develop and expand networks across industry and academia
  • Create global media and social media buzz.

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